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Evergreen shrubs

Blueblossom, Ceanothus thrysiflorus    
3 gal,  $19 
Silk Tassel , Garrya eliptica
3 gal $19
Wax Myrtle   Myrica californica
         5 gal   $24
Native plants for the south coast  ecoregion of Oregon
south coast map_edited.jpg
Pollinator friendly, native, no chemicals
Propagated locally, genetically appropriate
Locally sourced plant materials
Resilient, evolved in place with wildlife
Climate resilient, drought/ flood tolerant
We grow plants for here,
place-based horticulture!

We carry the following natives:


Blue-Eyed Grass  3 inch

Showy Milkweed 3 inch  

 Lupine    4 inch bandpot, 1 gal

Coast Wallflower  4 in bandpot, 1 gal

Goldenrod      4 in bandpot, 1 gal      

Rose Checkermallow    1 gal           Oregon Sunshine    4 in bandpot,  1 gal

Pearly Everlasting  SPRING 2022

Douglas aster        SPRING 2022

Blanketflower   4 inch bandpot, 1 gal

Redwood Sorrel    1 gal

Cow clover       3 - 4 inch bandpot

Rudebeckia  -        1 gal  

Yarrow       4 inch band pot, 1 gal

Echinacea purpurea**    4 inch, 1 gal

Sedum oregonium (Stonecrop) 3 in

Available this Spring, 2022

 Early Blue Violet  3 in Viola adunca  

Lupine bicolor  3 in

Seaside Fleabane  3 in

(Seed for most of these species is available now by pre-order of 1 week )

ANNUALS  available in Spring

Globe gilia        3 inch  

Meadowfoam     3 inch              

Clarkia purpurea    3 inch        

Lacy Phacaelia   - by request


Prices: 3 inch $3,  4 inch $5


Cow Clover     4 inch, 1 gal

Kinnikinnick    SPRING 2022

Beach Strawberry   4 inch

Oregon Stonecrop (Sedum)  4 inch

Redwood Sorrel  - 4 inch

Self-Heal   - 4 inch

1 gal  $12,  2 gal $16,  3 gal $22


Vine Maple       3 gal  SUMMER 2022

Serviceberry       5 gal

Red Flowering Currant   I gal, 3 gal

Black Twinberry              1 gal, 3 gal

Red Osier Dogwood      1 gal, 3gal

Oceanspray                     1 gal, 3 gal

Douglas spirea            5 gal

Mock orange    1 gal, 3 gal

Nootka rose       3 gal  SPRING 2022

Thimbleberry      1 gal, 3 gal

Pink Honeysuckle  4 inch, 1 gal

Western Azalea     3 gal


Blue Blossom Ceanothus  3 gal

Wax Myrtle           1 gal, 5 gal

Black Huckleberry   1 gal   3 gal

(Vaccinium ovatum)

Kinnikinnick         4  inch  SPRING 2022

Salal                         1 gal, 3 gal

Low Oregon grape    1 gal

Tall Oregon Grape    1 gal


Silk-Tassel                3 gal

Pacific Crabapple       3 gal, 5 gal

Cascara buckthorn      1 gal

Vine Maple, small         SUMMER 2022

Wax Myrtle. small           1 gal , 5 gal

Hookers Willow             1 gal, 3 gal


Red Cedar                   1 gal, 3 gal, 5 gal

Oregon Ash                 2 gal

Shore pine                   1 gal

Sitka Spruce               1 gal, 2 gal


Common Sage - blue flower  1 gal

Oregano      1 gal

Creeping Thyme     sold out

Mexican Big flower fuschia

  -Fuchsia paniculata    3 gal


Colorful sedums spp   4 inch

Native Pollinator Habitat Restoration

The pdf linked below is 50 pages of "how-to" restore a pollinator habitat. It's the nuts and bolts of it, you might say.
Native plants have lovely form and flowers which  make them beautiful.  Design will add in elements to create further beauty and function.
Consultation on native plants/plant communities: $35 / hour.                 Contact Darcy at

Gardens created in Bandon

Pollinator garden at
US Fish & Wildlife office     
Bandon, Oregon
1_B-fly HLMS October 2017.jpg
HLMS Bfly Garde_4-2020.jpg
Butterfly garden at
Harbor Lights Middle School
Bandon, Oregon

Pollinator Kits

Stillwater Natives puts together Pollinator Kits as an assembly of flowering plants in groupings with regard for available sun and water.  Grouping include 3 shrubs, 9 perennials, 5 groundcovers and a seed packet of annuals.  These plant communities are designed to support pollinators, thrive with minimal care year after year and remain compatible with other landscape plants. Cost per plants purchased as a kit is  reduced 15%.

Only available October 1st thru end of February .

About Us

 Nursery License# AG-L1061881NGH


The nursery is a small family operation just a few miles south of Bandon, Oregon. The science and appeal of native plants along with the great need for habitat restoration convinced us to open this business.  This is a small nursery with plants grown to meet specific local demands on the south coast.  Darcy Grahek has been gardening and landscaping with plants for over 35 years and has worked with mostly native plants since 2005.  We propagate from both seed and cuttings, taking care to vary our genetic pool.

Darcy is a certified Master Naturalist through the Oregon State University Extension Service and appreciates all the strong partnerships developed through service learning opportunities.  Intern inquiries are welcomed!

We are limiting our open days to just Fridays and Saturdays during the year, although checking out the nursery by appointment is always an option.  We are here almost every day. 

Contact Darcy:


Text or voice:     5412-260-2182