Native plants for the south coast ecoregion of Oregon
Pollinator friendly, native, no chemicals
Propagated locally, genetically appropriate
Locally sourced plant materials
Resilient, evolved in place with wildlife
Climate resilient, drought/ flood tolerant
We grow plants for here, place-based horticulture!

We Carry These Native Species

Plants grown here, at our nursery

Questions welcome,

Native flowers.Groundcovers

Native Flowering Shrubs


Early Blue Violet  Viola adunca   4 in  

Blue-Eyed Grass  3 inch

Lupine bicolor  - sold out   

Goldenrod   - not available yet         

Rose Checkermallow -band pot 

Oregon sunshine   3 in, 45 in, 1 gal

Pearly Everlasting  3-4 inch bandpot

Douglas aster         4 inch band pot

Blanketflower     3 - 4 inch bandpot

Redwood Sorrel    4 inch bandpot

Cow clover       3 - 4 inch, 1 gal

Rudebeckia  - 1 gal

Seaside Fleabane    4 inch bandpot

Yarrow       4 inch band pot

Echinacea purpurea**    3- 1 gal


Globe gilia        3 inch  

Meadowfoam     3 inch              

Clarkia amoena     3 inch        

Lacy Phacaelia   - by request



Cow Clover     4 inch, 1 gal

Kinnikinnick     4 inch

Beach Strawberry   4 inch

Oregon Stonecrop (Sedum)  4 inch

Redwood Sorrel  - 4 inch

Self-Heal   - 4 inch

Seaside Lupine- Lupine littoralis


Red Flowering Currant   I gal, 2 gal

Black Twinberry              1 gal

Red Osier Dogwood      1 gal, 2 gal

Oceanspray                     2gal

Douglas spirea            1 gal, 2 gal

Mock orange    1 gal

Nootka rose    4 inch bandpot, 1 gal Thimbleberry      1 gal

Pink Honeysuckle  4 inch, 1 gal


Black Huckleberry   4, inch,1 gal

(Vaccinium ovatum)

Blue Blossom Ceanothus (not ready)

Wax Myrtle            4 inch

Kinnikinnick            4  inch

Salal                        4 inch, 1 gal

Low Oregon grape    4 inch


Lady Fern     4 inch bandpot

Sword fern    4 inch bandpot

Deer fern       sold out

Tufted Hair grass           3 inch, 1 gal

Juncus effusus               4 inch, 1 gal                  

Trees and Evergreens



Pacific Crabapple       1 gal, 2 gal

Cascara buckthorn      1 gal

Vine Maple, small         1 gal

Wax Myrtle. small          4 inch

Hookers Willow             1 gal


Port Orford Cedar*  1 gal, 2 gal

Red Cedar                   3 gal

Coastal Redwood         3 gal

Shore pine                  4 inch,  1 gal

Sitka Spruce          1 gal, 2 gal, 3 gal

Non-Native plants   Non-Invasive

Common Sage - blue flower


Creeping Thyme

Big Leaf fuschia

Colorful sedums spp


Pollinator garden at
US Fish & Wildlife office     
Bandon, Oregon
Butterfly garden at
Harbor Lights Middle School
Bandon, Oregon
Stillwater Natives Nursery        Bandon, Oregon
Growing plants for people and pollinators of the south coast