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About Us

 Nursery License# AG-L1061881NGH 



The nursery is a small family operation just a few miles south of Bandon, Oregon. The science and appeal of native plants along with the great need for habitat restoration convinced us to open this business.  This is a small nursery with plants grown to meet specific local demands on the south coast.  Darcy Grahek has been gardening and landscaping with plants for over 35 years and has worked with mostly native plants since 2005.  Darcy is a certified Master Naturalist through the Oregon State University Extension Service and appreciates all the strong partnerships developed through service learning opportunities. Internship opportunities are usually available and through Southwestern Oregon CC or other community colleges, college credits can be earned through interning at the nursery.


We are limiting our open days to just Fridays and Saturdays during the year, although checking out the nursery by appointment is always an option.  We are here almost every day.

Contact Darcy at 


541-260-2182 (text or phone)



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Biodynamic propagation of  plants, plugs and

seeds. Ready for your gardens, pollinators,

restorations, hedgerows, or rain gardens.

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