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Celebrate Green Friday with us in November, the day after Thanksging.


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"Restoration of habitat, good for pollinators, good for the birds and good for the people."  -  Darcy Grahek
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On New Years Day in 2021

we planted 51 Western Red cedar and one Coastal Redwood along the chosen planting line. The area was walked by the City’s Public Works, the Parks and Recreation commision and an archeology representative for the KoKwell tribe.

Trees were donated by Stillwater Natives Nursery in Bandon. Volunteers came out for the next 2 Green Fridays, 2022 and 2023

to plant flowering shrubs on the day after Thanksgiving. We call that day Green Friday and it is an excellent family activity. To learn how to get involved email Darcy at Stillwater Natives

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In 2023, the City Planning Dep't held an open house to assess the public

sentiment about how to use the former golf course. It was overwhelming how mant people indicated their value of natural habitat.

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The initial design used Red cedars and planted them in triangles of 3,

to mimic a design used in KoKwell cultural basket design.  This became the framework of a continuing native species hedgerow.

Biodynamic propagation of  plants, plugs and

seeds. Ready for your gardens, pollinators,

restorations, hedgerows, or rain gardens.

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