November 25, 2022


Workshop - 3 Sessions

Making a Pollinator Garden

Each session provides you with instruction, original curriculum handouts and reference materials developed for our local ecoregion, to support you in designing your garden.  These worksheets guide you and introduce suitable native plants for your location and conditions. Classes are held at the nursery, preferably out doors but in case of rain we will meet in the greenhouse.

Session 1         September 24th, 10 am

explains how to “read” or assess the land on which you are establishing a bed, roughly between 100 and 200 square feet for your pollinator patch.  Larger spaces can just repeat the same plant list, assuming conditions are the same.  

 You will receive supportive, original hand-outs to help you develop this plan we call a map.  Use of native plants is emphasized because of the pollinators natural affinity for them as well as the plants drought tolerance, in most cases. There are plants for wet spaces or seasonally wet spaces. Creating your map if the first necessary step.

Session 2             October 8th, 10 am

Session 3            October 29th, 10 am

IMG_0057 (2).JPG
A group of citizens concerned about a declining Western Monarch    annual count is going to do something about it . . .

The Milkweed Corridor

 Bandon to Brookings


Every 5 miles, a patch of milkweed planted, ready to host another generation of Monarchs in their breeding territory.  One local effort to keep this species from looming extinction.

For Planting Directions for seedlings, 

click on the pdf  

Milkweed Corridor map -
the butterfly marks host sites 

May 26_Map_Hosts.jpg
Video- Planting Milkweed seedlings for                      Western Monarchs 
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Narrow-leaf and Monarch.jpg
Monarch on Narrow Leaf Milkweed

    Monarch and Milkweed mapper          This website is a wealth of information about  the WESTERN  Monarch and  our LOCAL milkweed.

Pollinator Kits from Stillwater Natives Nursery


  •  Each kit provides "Ready-to-Go"                              habitat for pollinators

  • Save 15 % on total just for purchasing a kit

  • Great diversity of bloom time

Heading 2

Kits will be available  Fall 2022
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Location  -  Stillwater Natives Nursery

3 miles south of Bandon, turn west
on Beach Loop Rd