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Kits sold October through February, reserve yours early for best selections

Pollinator Garden Kits

  •  Each kit provides "Ready-to-Go"                             Flower species for pollinators

  • Save 15 % on total just for purchasing a kit

  • Great diversity and multiple bloom seasons

Sold Out, Kits for Sunny areas (6+ hours of sun)
Available again in September 2022
Three sizes available for 2022
Deluxe size garden shown here.

Heading 2

Kit Choices (1).jpg
   $119.00               $169.00            $229.00
These prices reflect a 15% savings over retail prices.

 Plant choices vary by number of plants species currently  available

Shady kit not yet available

 - Locally grown native plants
- Attract a multitude of pollinators
- Each kit comes with a planting guide for installing your plants
- Low maintenance, little water needed   
- Supplies limited by number of plants on hand

We recommend Wild Pollinator Gardens, see belowas a service that will install your new kit with deep knowledge of the plants and how to get them established right.  Read more about the services they offer here.
Kit Install_ad_12-21.jpg
Clarkia Winecup.jpg
Clarkia amoena  "Farewell-to-Spring"

Stillwater Natives Nursery 

Open Friday & Saturday from 10am -4 pm

Call, text or email to set up a time to visit our outdoor nursery.  Species listed under Plants Availabie

Call or text  541-260-2182 leave message

for Darcy


Bandon Western World newspaper  Aug. 27, 2019

BANDON - Local U.S. Fish & Wildlife staff work on maintaining and improving healthy habitats for many animal and plant species found in and around Bandon.

"Human-impacted landscapes, such as the sides of roads and streams and open meadows, used to be common places to find native flowering plants," said OSU Extension Master Naturalist Darcy Grahek.

"However, these areas are increasingly filled with non-native invasive species or grasses, offering scant resources for pollinators," Grahek added. "Wildlife who suffer from declining habitat include native bees, butterflies and hummingbirds."  

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