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Pollinator Garden Kit Information
Thank you for your interest in the pollinator kits that we are offering at Stillwater Natives Nursery! Here are some things to help you choose whether this kit is right for you.

Kit   contains :                                                         

3 native flowering shrubs, 3 gallon size

Perennial flowers, variety of different species 

Perennial groundcover species

Packet or packets of a custom blend of annual seeds - to be scattered when you plant.

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Part Shade Icon.jpg
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Sun or Shade?

All kit plant species are chosen for the appropriate amount of sunlight in your garden.  You will need to choose a Kit for Sun - requiring more than          6 hours of sun a day or a   Kit for Part-Shade -           less than 5 hours of Sun a day.

A third Kit for Shade is not yet available although we are growing plants specifically for it.

A planting guide is included to help you decide where to place plants, plant heights and spacing.

The right place for a kit is . . .         


  • Free of summer's North wind

  • Unimproved soil, no rich fertility for natives

  • Plants will need a prepared bed, sized between approximately 100-190 square feet, depending on the size of the kit. 

  • All vegetation, including roots, must be removed from the area.  

  • Fairly level or just slightly sloped surface is required for best results.

  • Beyond the reach of a hose is just fine, as these plants are all drought tolerant.


This kit represents a savings of 15% at Stillwater Natives, compared to pricing plants individually.   We are happy to answer any questions about the plants and help you make your decision about a kit.  Availability is limited by the supply of plants on hand at our nursery.  For a deposit of 50% of kit, we will hold your kit for you to pick up at a future date.  Need more information? Call 541-260-2182, leave message.

Biodynamic propagation of  plants, plugs and

seeds. Ready for your gardens, pollinators,

restorations, hedgerows, or rain gardens.

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